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Fairy Moon Publishing specializes in books that portray a maiden’s quest for romantic adventures in the twilight realm of fairies, nymphs and vampires. These book are non-fiction books that analyse the currently popular Gothic fantasy stories and films about a heroine's adventures.

The books that will be published in this series will be about the meaning behind the mythology, fairytales, literature and film that revolve around the heroine's quest that takes her into an enchanting twilight realm.

The Queen of Wonderland will be the first book to be published in this series. It is an exploration into how the ancient mythology of the heroine’s descent into the twilight realm is rendered in the modern cultural arts. Given the fact that the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna's descent into the underworld is the oldest story ever recorder in writing, Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was the first relatively modern story to portray the heroine as a child who descended into the underworld. The idea behind Alice's adventures eventually evolved into the modern Gothic genera of fantasies involving the heroine’s struggles with demons and vampires from the underworld. The mythology surrounding the heroine’s quest represents the ordeals faced by every girl who has ever descended into the enchanting twilight realm in order to find her true being, only to find herself being subjected to a maddening course of initiation ordeals by a horde of otherworldly spectres.

The current popularity of Gothic fantasies surrounding a maiden and her vampire lover represents a modernized rendering of the ancient tradition of initiating the maiden in women’s mysteries. The heroine’s adventures represent an initiation into becoming a mature woman who possesses the mystique of having an intimate connection to the moonlit realm of fairies. Her quest is to eventually become a queen of her own wonderland realm, or in other terms, a woman with a dark and mysterious demeanour.


Some of the books that are in the works for future publication are about advanced studies in Analytical Psychology, i.e., Jungian Psychology. These advanced study books will be based upon the same themes as The Queen of Wonderland book, but will delve more deeply into an Analytical interpretation of these stories.


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